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Costa Coffee goes tropical with a Preserved Palm Tree

30th April 2014

 A Costa coffee outlet in Stratford upon Avon, Warwick went totally tropical with the recent installation of a real preserved Palm tree.

                                                                 Costa Coffee Palm Tree in Stratford upon Avon

A mural of a Beach and Palm tree scene was brought to life when this preserved palm tree was positioned in front of it. We often get asked if these trees are real or artificial? Well preserved trees are real trees that have been preserved and this is how we do it....

Inside the stems are long metal pipes that are shaped to replicate the natural growing curve of real stems. Then lots of circular palm fronds are put over the metal 'stems' which build up to form the main stems. Real palm leaves which are treated with a natural preserving fluid are then attached to the top of the stems. This three stem tree was 4.0m high and was planted into a circular brushed stainless steel Superline container. Preserved Palm trees can be bespoke made to various heights with one, two, or three stems and planted into a variety of different plant pots. Click the following link to view our Tall Trees page

Office Landscapes :) Nature at Work

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