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Construction Company Plants

22nd October 2015

Birmingham's Jewellery quarter was the location for this interior planting scheme. The newly refurbished offices are housed in an old Victorian building. The new fit out had been done with a view to merging the best elements of the old building with the bang up to date 21st century offices.

After everything had been completed and all the staff had moved in, there was still something missing, that certain  je ne sais quoi? Soon after a phone call was made to Office Landscapes and we were asked to add the finishing touches to the project.

Free site visit and survey

We walked the site with the client and put forward different ideas and options and after listening to the customers feedback an Interior Planting Scheme was designed.

                                                   Hockley Birmingham Reception with Ficus Open Braided plants

The Reception area has lots of natural light and was the perfect location for two ball headed Ficus Benjamina trees with open braided stems. There wasn't much space on the Reception desk so we used a space saving mini cubis display planted with a single flowering red guzzmania plant.

    A lovely leafy green Kentia Palm plant filling the corner of the office        Stairs landing with  variegated Dracaena Ulyssess

Spready and Compact

Kentia Palms (shown above left) are a lovely spready leafy green plant and are ideal for filling the corners of rooms. When there is less space, for instance on a stairs landing (shown above right), we use tall but more compact plants like the variegated Dracaena Ulysses shown in the picture.

Some locations require even more compact planting (see picture below) in these cases we can use 'pillar planting'. The variety we have used here is a compact Philodendron Scanden or 'Sweetheart Vine' ' so called because of its heart shaped leaves.

                                        A leafy green Philodendron Sweetheart plant, a perfect fit for the corner of offices

In other areas we softened high, floor to ceiling windows with large rectangular displays.

   Recatngular display finished in charcoal and planted with a kentia palm    Rectangular display with colourful Dracaena Gold Coast plants on the stairs landing

Elsewhere we used small rectangular displays on cabinet tops and windowsills.

               Colourful cabinet top plant displays in Hockley Birmingham Construction offices                 

Customer Feedback

After we had installed the plants the customer contacted us to say...  "Hi Ian,  I wanted to get in touch to say how great the plants look, everyone has commented on what a difference they make to the office."

Problem - Our workplace lacks that certain je ne sais quoi

Solved - Contact Office Landscapes for a free site visit and quotation

                                             Windowsill display planted with sansiveria laurentii with views over Birminghams Jewellery quarter

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