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Built in Cabinet Planters for Oxford offices

4th July 2016

This office fit out was modern and minimalistic, which I really like. However these interiors whilst being very clutter free are also quite clinical and unwelcoming. This was addressed by using cabinets with built in planters that fit into the top of the each cabinet.

Highly visible space saving cabinet planters were used in this Abingdon office   Close up of special cabinet top planters planted with Aglaonema Maria living tropical plants

Space Saving

In offices where floor space is in short supply, or where the offices have been designed to be clutter free, like this office in Abingdon. These space saving cabinet top planters are ideal, as they don’t take up any additional floor space. They also raise the planting up making it more visible to staff, especially when used alongside desks. This also maximises the many health benefits of having plants in the workplace. Read more about the Health Benefits here

Cabinet top plants supplied throughout this abingdon office  Bisley office cabinets with inbuilt planters

Zoned Planting

These offices were built around a central atrium and had three distinct sections, two large offices either side and a smaller area at one end. Our planting scheme was designed to be sympathetic to the simple uncluttered look of the offices. We specified simple same species planting and used a different plant variety in each of the three office zones. We added extra interest to the plain white cabinets by using lush leafy plants with variegated leaves.

Stromanthe amabilis plants were used in this part of the offices      Bisley Magna cabinets with built in planters were used in these open plan offices in Oxford

Living Walls

Two Living Walls were also used in a customer waiting area and a staff breakout area. This high density planting is highly visual, healthy and extremely space saving. It can transform the look and feel of an area and is ideal for high profile Receptions and restful staff breakout areas.

                             Living Green walls for Birmingham and the Midlands

If you like to make your workplace more productive, welcoming and healthy, contact us to find out how.

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