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Biophilia, Plants & improved Productivity

18th August 2015

What is Biophilia?

The 'Biophilia Hypothesis' suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems. It literally means a love of nature, and suggests an ingrained affinity between humans and the natural world.

Nature at Work

Adding natural elements to the workplace such as Plant Displays, brings buildings to life and connects the individual with nature. In today's contemporary urban offices, people are increasingly isolated from the beneficial experience of nature. Yet it is often natural settings that people find particularly appealing and aesthetically pleasing. So by mimicking these natural environments within the workplace, we can create workplaces that improve wellbeing, productivity and creativity.

                 Plants & Biophillic Design in the workplace

 The Economics of Biophilia

Studies have demonstrated that using natural materials and evoking nature within a workspace are not extravagances, but a way to increase profits and make hard cost-savings. Plants improve employees well-being, which has a knock on effect of increasing productivity and creativity. Other studies have shown that plants also  improve workers health and reduce staff absenteeism.

                                                        Employees vote for plants

 Biophilic Design in the workplace Report

Read the report here

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