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Award winning Eco Building goes Green.

8th January 2014

Award winning Eco Building goes Green

Office Landscapes were chosen to provide interior landscaping for a landmark headquarters building, which was the first in Birmingham to receive an 'excellent BREEAM rating' for the environmental performance of the building.

One of the main aims when designing and building the new Headquarters was to ensure it was environmentally friendly and sustainable and offered staff a pleasant, healthy and productive working environment. The live interior planting scheme was an integral part of this aim.

The planting scheme featured circular and oval 'Superline' brushed stainless steel displays for the main public areas and for other areas tall circular 'Pillar' and tall rectangular 'Barrier' displays were used, finished in pure white.

Tall barrier planted trough   Sansiveria rented plants 

The large Reception atrium area was enhanced with two 2.75m Ficus Columnar trees planted into circular brushed stainless steel containers, which were supplied on wheels so that the displays could be easily moved. All the plants used were 'Hydro culture' plants which are grown using expanded clay granules known as hydro pebbles, which is an alternative to using a peat based growing medium. As well as adding the finishing green touch to the building, the plants also give numerous health benefits to the staff, such as reduction of illness, stress and absenteeism and increased productivity.  

Plants for Main office Atrium at West Midlands Fire Dracaena Cintho plants for hire

For more information on the health benefits of plants in the workplace visit our Health Benefits page. 
For more information on the health benefits of plants in the workplace visit Green Plants for Green Buildings

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