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Plants for new Nottingham & Derby offices

25th February 2018

Our latest plant installs were for serviced offices in Nottingham & an Energy Management company in Derby, who wanted some plants to make their office “more welcoming.”

Moss Walls – Real Green Walls requiring minimal maintenance

Ever popular Moss Walls were part of this interior plants scheme and we installed a lovely dark Green Reindeer Moss Wall measuring 4m long x 1m high.

Our real moss walls only need minimal maintenance & they will retain their soft spongy and bright green colour, without any need for watering.                                                                                                                        

Find out more about our Moss Walls here  View images of Moss Walls and Moss Pictures here

            Real Preserved Reindeer Moss Wall for this Office Breakout area

Serviced Office Plants

Brand new serviced offices in Nottingham had just been fitted out by their Interior Designer. The offices looked great, but lacked some living plants, to soften the hard edges and make the place feel more welcoming.

We installed live plants in tall circular containers throughout the communal areas and some artificial displays for the low natural light / hard to access Meeting Rooms.

 Plants for the communal areas of these serviced offices in Nottingham Dracaena Rikki a colourful plant & container for these serviced office in Derby  Artificial Bamboo tree in a white container ideal for office meeting rooms & low light areas

Energy Management Company

Wanting to underline their Green Credentials and also keen to make their employees workplace a healthy and pleasant place to be. We installed some bright and colourful plant displays in the open plan offices & meeting rooms of this Derby Energy Company.

                                          Bright orange floor standing plant displays under a plasma TV, improve the health of this office

                             Colourful windowsill plant displays improve the outlook of this Derby office Meeting Room    Bright Yellow Container and a leafy green Palm plant make this Derby office a nicer place to work

Find out more about Why Plants are good for the health, well being & productivity of your employees here

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