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Green Screens & Vertical Gardens

29th November 2016

Our urban environments are being transformed by vertical landscaping. These vertical gardens are extremely space saving, highly visual & healthy.

There are many different ways you can use vertical landscaping in and around your office, here are a few ideas…

Ivy Screens are low maintenance outdoor walls, which are pre-grown in the Nursery & can be used to create instant impact.

                    Instant Green Ivy Screens for office exteriors

Green Office Screens can be used anywhere in the office to create a natural barrier.

                                                        Green Office Plant Screen

Moss walls are a very cost effective alternative to Living Walls, not only do they look great but they only need minimal maintenance.

                                            Green Moss walls are cost effective & low maintenance

Green Walls are indoor or outdoor vertical gardens. They look superb are relaxing & healthy to be around and are fully maintained by Office Landscapes.

                                          Green Walls for offices, shops & public spaces

If you want Green Walls we’ve got it covered, have a look at our full range of Green Walls here or contact us for a free quote.

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