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Artificial Plants & Trees Brochure

184 page brochure with 100's of different pictures.

Superb collection of very realistic high quality displays.

Natural wooden stemmed trees, boxwood topiary trees and hedging. Flowering plants, trailing ivy and underplanting

office landscapes artificial plants brochure

Artificial Tropical Plants that look like the real thing

Artificial Bamboo Tree display in modern office Ball Headed Bay trees Bamboo at HSBC Canary Warf Pandanus Artificial

Although live office plants are favourites with many of our clients, situations and locations aren't always suitable, if for example the areas are hard to access or have low light levels. In which case we would advise our clients to use artificial plants, which are nowadays so life-like, that they look like the real thing and require very close inspection to tell them apart.

Some of the questions we get asked are a testament to how realistic they are, questions like, "how often will they need watering?" or "how big will they grow?"

Often, the only time people can tell, is by actually touching the leaves and even this is often accompanied with a quizzical look, followed by a question, "are they real?"

Using artificial trees allows us to be very flexible with the creation of a unique tailor made interior landscape.

One of our clients wanted a tree to be wide and bushy at the top, going right up to the ceiling, but to be narrower lower down, so that it didn't encroach on a security camera and door.  In situations like this we can get the trees tailor made to exactly fit the available space.

We can use silk plants in almost any location, including floor standing plant displays, large inlaid areas, as well as making a feature of high level areas with lush green ivy cascading downwards. When the situation demands we can supply artificial office plants - flame retarded - to the relevant current British standards.


Artificial Trees

We can supply a variety of fake trees to any size and for any interior landscape.

Our silk trees are created to give total realism using real wooden stems and high quality - artificial or preserved - foliage to make them indiscernible from the real thing. We now also stock artificial exterior trees and custom built boxwood topiary hedging, which will improve the exterior look of your business all year round.

Using live exterior planting can sometimes be problematic, especially in the warmer summer months. If not regularly maintained, live trees can easily dry out and will soon turn yellow or die, requiring you to buy costly replacements. However, fake planting will look green all year round, won't need any pruning and can also be cemented into the plant containers, to give added protection against theft.

Some varieties of trees can be supplied with preserved foliage. Preserved trees are the next best thing to living plants, the real foliage undergoes a preserving treatment so that it has all the look of fresh live leaves, but with all the benefits of artificial foliage. These leaves are then drilled into real preserved stems. The end result - a real tree with all the benefits of an artificial one.  Please see our Tall Trees page for more information on larger trees.


Minimal Maintenance

Today's replica plants do have many advantages - they need no watering, trimming or pruning and won't die or become overgrown. This makes them ideal for hard to reach places such as high level planting or hanging baskets, where watering is often difficult.



You can buy artificial plants outright or lease them for a fixed weekly charge. There's no initial deposit and remember...what you have seen here is a fraction of our total range.  Contact us for more information , or to arrange a free no obligation site survey and quotation.

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